Sponsors & Partners

Shengteng is located in the heart of Beijing’s CBD. A well-known marketing and branding company, Shengteng has its own lifestyle centre, and is a hub for a variety of corporate communications activities.

They have hosted makeover sessions, celebrity interviews and designer brand launches. In 2016, Shengteng launched a mini-tv series about the ocean. The series was launched in conjunction with Beijing Tourism and featured several celebrities.

Shengteng is comprised of four major tiers: Brand communications, public relations, telecast services, and mass media. The Shengteng marketing team has served more than 500 Chinese and international brands.

Shengteng also provides local guidance services for foreign media organisations.

The Beiing Chaoyang District Commission of Commerce handles out domestic and foreign trade, foreign economic cooperation and the development of modern service industry guidelines, policies and laws, rules and regulations. They also research internal and external trade, foreign economic cooperation and development strategies in modern services industries.

CUA Development History
The China Diving Association was officially established in 1986. The English name is Chinese Underwater Association, abbreviated as CUA. Since 1959, the Association has been running and popularizing diving throughout the country. It is a nationwide mass sports social organization with independent legal personality. He is a group member of All-China Sports Federation and the highest mass organization of scuba diving in China. Is the only legal organization representing China in the International Diving Organization.
The association is formed voluntarily by the diving associations, diving clubs, diving companies, diving schools, coaches, referees and athletes who are interested in diving activities of all provinces, cities, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government; The association is a non-profit social organization under the jurisdiction of the State General Administration of Sports.

Purpose of construction
The aim of the China Diving Association is to unite the national sports workers and diving fans, to promote the development of the sport, to guide the popularization of diving, to constantly improve the level of sports technology, to climb the world sports peak and to win glory for the country; Expanding foreign contacts and enhancing the friendly contacts and cooperation of the project with international organizations and national and regional associations to promote the construction of socialist spiritual civilization; Abide by the Constitution, laws, regulations and State policies and observe social morals.