What’s going on?
Alongside the hustle and bustle of the trade show, with visitors exploiting the latest deals from dive operators and checking out the up-to- date gear and technology on display from manufacturers, here are the main events of China’s best dive expo:

Voice of the Ocean
ADEX Beijing itself will be a feast for all lovers of the ocean. It will see the introduction of the “Voice of the Ocean”, a competition where the world’s best – and “aspiring-to- be-the- best” – photographers showcase their work to a panel of judges (there will be six categories, such as underwater photography, videography, as well as art and fashion).

Ocean360 Awards
Look forward to the Ocean360 Awards, which involves five categories that recognise individuals who have either taken time out of their busy schedules to help the watery world, or committed themselves full-time to making a difference to our oceans. This event will be an acclamation of their efforts and a tribute to those inspirational figures working in the name of ocean conservation.

Technical Diving Conference
Gathered here will be those pioneers driven by the desire to explore the confines of a cave, a wreck, or to find undiscovered life forms lurking in the deeper ocean trenches. This conference has become a go-to place for those who are passionate about technical diving: A place where they can network, share their experiences and tap into knowledge from the veterans and experts. The various presentations, delivered by famous individuals such as David Strike, will include information on prime underwater environments, technical diving adventures and experiences, as well as new technologies.

Freediving Workshop
The Freediving Pavilion will feature some of the most recognisable names in freediving: Alexey Molchanov, Aolin Wang, and Pepe Arcos just name some. They will talk about their love for the sport, their achievements in the field, perceptions of the sport – and, of course, inspire more potential recruits! Expect to see stunning photos and footage, hear details about the latest kit, new trends, and, as per a central theme of ADEX, important environmental messages relating to conservation.

Photo-Video Seminar
Famously one of the most riveting focal points of ADEX, the Photo- Video Seminar will be a back-to- back smorgasbord of iconic personalities, stunning images, and insider tips on how the pros capture their award-winning pictures. Expect large crowds to be drawn in by underwater-image- making super stars: legends like Aaron Wong and Yorko Summer will wow audiences with tales of adventure, breath-taking images, and invaluable insights.

Film Festival
The Film Festival will be a location for those wanting to take time out from a busy expo and watch a captivating movie, but also for those intrigued to learn more. There will be a series of topical environmental productions to the film festival this year, in line with the event’s mission overall mission to promote love and respect for our oceans and all the creatures therein.

Mermaid Performances
ADEX attendees are in for a treat as the mythical sirens of the sea will come alive at ADEX Beijing. Generally one of the most popular scenes at ADEX, visitors will be smiling and gasping in awe at their stunning performances. The mermaids – and mermen –come from all over the world and will include some big names, such as Joyce Ng. Many are also accomplished experts and veterans in their respective fields – scuba divers, freedivers and underwater photographers. The mermaids – friendly creatures that they are – will also be happy to talk to passersby and inspire people about the ocean.